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Our Products


Add height, colour and screening all year round

Conifers from Coles Plant Centre:


Many of the largest living organisms on the planet belong to the Conifer family. They claim the title for the tallest (Coast Redwood), widest (Montezuma Cypress) and oldest (Great Basin Bristlecone Pine) organisms currently living on Earth. That being said, many varieties also make fine ornamental trees, suitable for any garden that will add structure, privacy as well as a nice splash of colour.


A few of the more popular ornamental varieties include;

Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana ColumnarisChamaecyparis Lawsoniana Columnaris – Blue Cypress:

This smaller (under 10m maximum height) conifer has brilliant blue/grey foliage, a rare colour to see at height in any garden. Staying relatively narrow, Columnaris is often seen tucked away in ‘tough-to-grow-in’ garden corners , providing height, colour and privacy all year round, even when most others are looking a bit dull.


Cuppressus Leylandii ‘Castlewellan Gold’ – Golden Leylandii:

Cuppressus Leylandii 'Castlewellan Gold'

The name ‘Leylandii’ strikes fear into the hearts of many who have had the experiance of dealing with one of these conifers, if they’ve been left unattended for years on end. The reality is that, if neglected for long periods, these trees do get big (30m+). If, however, you keep on top of them and give them a good annual hair cut they can form a lovely, dense tree/hedge that can be sculpted into many different shapes and sizes. The new growth of this particular variety comes out in bright gold, which really stands out if given a nice sunny spot.


Thuja Plicata Coles VarietyThuja Plicata ‘Coles Variety’ – Coles Red Cedar:

This green conifer is commonly used an alternative to the more rampant Green Leylandii. Slower growing and easier to manage; this tolerant Thuja makes a fantastic dense hedge when planted at around one per metre and trimmed annually.


These are obviously just a few of the ornamental confiers on offer. For the full range please get in touch with a member of our team who would be happy to discuss the options available.


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