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News & Tips

Gardening Tips for October

By Coles Plant Centre | In Tips | on October 1, 2018

To do:

Plant spring bedding such as wallflowers and winter pansies for a beautiful spring display.
Time to think about protecting half hardy plants with a fleece or bring into a frost-free greenhouse.
Autumn is a perfect time to plant Clematis plants.
October is the ideal time to move shrubs and trees and also plant hedging.
Hardwood cutting can be taken now from deciduous shrubs.
Clear up fallen rose leaves to prevent disease – don’t compost the leaves as it will spread disease.
Prune climbing roses and rambling roses and tie the stems back to prevent damage from strong winds.
Tidy borders and mulch with bark or well-rotted manure to insulate the roots of plants.
Start planning for next year's crops - for beans, start preparing the ground now adding some manure ready for next year.
Plant autumn garlic and onions for a crop next summer.
Move citrus trees inside, away from cold draughts and reduce watering.
Blueberry plants can be planted now but remember to use a acid compost.
Autumn is a great time to plant fruit trees, ready to enjoy fresh fruit straight from the tree.
Wrap glue bands around the trunks of apple trees to trap winter moth - this stops the caterpillars eating the spring flowers.
Use a winter tree wash to kill any overwintering pests.
Time to remove the summer greenhouse shading, then clean and disinfect the greenhouse before insulating ready for the winter.
A last mow can be done this month, ready to be left over winter (weather depending).
Keep raking leaves and dead plant material from the garden to prevent disease and fungi spores.
To keep ponds fresh, place some pond netting over the pond to stop leaves falling into the water.
Give evergreen hedges a final trim before the worst of the winter weather sets in.
Raise pots off the ground to prevent water logging using pot feet or bricks.
Lastly, don’t forget the gardeners feathered friend - make sure there is a water supply and food for the birds. They will reward you by keeping the number of pests down in your garden.

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