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News & Tips

Gardening Tips for January

By Coles Plant Centre | In Tips | on January 1, 2019

Continue harvesting winter vegetables such as brussel sprouts, leeks and parsnips.
Recycle Christmas trees by shredding them and adding them to the compost heap to create mulch.
Prune apple and pear trees. The ideal time to prune dormant trees is while there are no leaves, to make it clearer to see where you are pruning.
Remember to protect any newly planted trees by heavily mulching the base of the tree to protect the roots from getting cold and use a fleece fabric to wrap around the tree to stop cold winds and frost damaging it. Netting can also be used but you will have to build a framework around the tree to attach the netting to.
Check tree stakes are secure and not damaged from any winds. Replace any tree ties that are broken or worn.
As long as the ground isn’t frozen continue to plant bare-root trees and hedging.
During any snowy weather brush snow off shrubs, conifers and tree branches to stop the heavy snow damaging trees and plants.
Lawns can become waterlogged. If this is the case aerate your lawn with a garden fork and fill in the holes with a lawn soil to allow drainage.
Houseplants will require less watering while the days are shorter and there is less light. So reduce watering of houseplants and move them to a windowsill, but be careful of any drafts which can harm some houseplants.
Clean the guttering out your shed or greenhouse.
To keep control of pests and diseases ventilate greenhouses on brighter days. Dead-head plants to prevent mould and clean out pots/seed trays ready for seed sowing.
Keep paths algae free to prevent them from becoming slippery.
General maintenance, rake any leaves and debris in the garden and tidy planted pots by dead heading and removing fallen leaves.

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