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Plant of the Moment – October

By Coles Plant Centre | In Plant of the Moment | on October 1, 2018


Apples are wonderful in our personal view. They produce blossom is spring that is both attractive and great for the early insects such as bees.

We are lucky here at Coles Plant Centre, as we grow many varieties even some that are local to Leicestershire too. Many of the trees we grow are field grown, so are used to heavy clay soils that many of us have in our gardens. These types of trees are available November to March as bare-root stock.


These are often much cheaper than a pot-grown tree and there are certainly more varieties available. In fact, there are 45 varieties available this year to choose from, including cookers, dessert and cider apple varieties too.

All our apple trees are grown on the rootstock MM106 which means they grow to orchard/garden sized tree, about 14-18ft tall when mature, with a yield of 90-110lb. The trees we supply are 3 years old and should produce fruit the following year, though some will need a pollinating partner to get a crop.

MM106 is classed as semi-vigorous and is the most widely used. These are the best choice for bushes to be grown in the average size garden with average growing conditions (some sunshine with some rain throughout the seasons). We supply them as bush, half-standard or 2-tier. Bush is about 1.5-1.8m (5-6ft) tall when bought, half standard are 2.1-2.4m (7-8ft), 2-tier are similar to espalier trees, good for growing up against a fence or to create a ‘growing’ divide in the garden.

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