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News & Tips

Which Christmas Tree?

By Coles Plant Centre | In Tips | on December 1, 2018

So what’s the difference? Which is the best one to get? Which one won’t drop needles everywhere? How do I keep my tree alive for the longest time?

Hopefully we can answer some of these questions for you and help you choose the best Christmas tree. So, what’s the difference between the three varieties we sell?

Picea abies (Norway Spruce)
Picea abies is a species of spruce, native to Northern, Central and Eastern Europe. It is one of the largest and fastest growing evergreen coniferous trees and can grow up to 35-55m tall. The leaves are needle-like with blunt tips. Available sizes 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft and 9ft. Prices starting at just £20.

Abies Nordmanniana (Nordmann Fir) (both cut and with roots, sold in pots)
This is a very attractive, full Christmas tree with flattened glossy dark green needles (soft to touch) and one of the most popular. The reason they are so popular their ability to the hold their needles for longer as the tree dries out. Abies Nordmanniana are native to the mountainous area near the Black Sea, Russian and Turkey. Available sizes cut 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft and 10ft, with roots 3ft, 4ft and 5ft. Prices starting at just £35.

Fraser Fir
Fraser Fir is a slimmer Christmas tree and known for its orangey scent. Similar to the Nordmann Fir it has good needle retention. It originates from Canada and North America. Available sizes 5ft, 6ft and 7ft. Prices starting at just £40.

In addition, you may find these Top Tips helpful in your Christmas tree survival over the festive period:

Leave the netted tree outside in a secure place until you are ready to decorate.
Just before you bring it in remove a couple of inches of trunk. This will open the vessels that take up water.
Remove any low branches to make it easier to get into the stand.
Put the tree into a water-holding stand. It’s easier to do if the tree is still netted!
Remove the net and position the tree away from heat sources like radiators if possible.
The branches will soon drop to a normal position ready for decorating.
Fill up the stand with water.
Check the stand regularly and top up as needed (trees will drink more than you’d think!)
Keeping your tree as cool as possible and giving it a supply of water will help it retain its needles.

We’ll be including a FREE guide, including all this advice, with every tree purchased fro Coles Plant Centre – and don’t forget you can save 5% too with your Coles Garden Club membership! If you’re not already a member, and would like to join today for free, please click HERE.

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